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Aerospace Engineering Faculty Party

Lost in space



After 5 years,
finally back!!


Over 800 students partying right next to rocket engines and below airplanes. Dj's playing on two stages between 21:00 and 03:00 on the 3rd of june

House Rules
  • It's forbiden to smoke, also outside.
  • The use and trade in soft drugs, hard drugs and party drugs (for example: laughing gas) is prohibited.
  • If illegalities are found (such as false tickets, attempted climbing over fences, etc.), police is notified immediately
  • Minimum age 18 years. In case of doubt, the organization has the right to ask for proof of identity and to refuse access to the party.
  • When entering the festival site, a (random) inspection is carried out.
  • It is prohibited to bring the following items inside: Food, glassware, plastic bottles, cans, drugs, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects and professional photo, film and other recording equipment.
  • If food, glassware, plastic bottles, cans or drugs are found when entering the festival site, this will be confiscated by the organization and thrown away.
  • Purchased tickets cannot be returned.
  • The program is subject to change. If one or more acts are canceled, an attempt will be made to offer an equivalent replacement program.
  • Visitors are obliged to comply with the regulations of the (security) personnel.
  • When a visitor throws beer, he or she is warned by the security, in case of recidivism the person is removed from the party.
  • Study association VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci' is in no way liable for any damage to visitors and/or property of visitors.

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