The firm

Lawyers during the day, artists during the night. With their awesome festival music style, they are the perfect fit as our main Artist. After their great performance on Paaspop 2022 we were convinced to schedule them on our line-up.

Sax on Decks

After their great online performance from previous Airbase, this year we were eager to have them return but this time with a physical performance! Their alternative style of music is a perfect addition to the line-up of this year!

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De Gebroeders Scooter

With their all-time and well known success of the centurion escalatie mix, the gebroeders scooter will blow the roof of the faculty. With these guys on the podium, the best 'hitjes' won't be missed


To conclude the main line-up, DJ PJ can't be missed of course. With his special talent to help all party's in Delft to the next level, he is a perfect addition to our party


Further Artist


DJ Sharko

DJ schatje

DJ Horse